How to Provide Incentives for Kids, using a Bounce House rental

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Incentives for kids


How many times have you drove passed a party that had an awesome bounce house set up in the front yard and all the kids in the car instantly started squealing with excitement? Kids love to bounce! Why not use the things our children love to motivate them in areas we want them thrive?

Bounce house and other inflatable toys are great incentive to get and keep children motivated in school. What better way to reward kids with perfect attendance then to rent a jump house to enjoy with their classmates? With so many distractions for today’s young adults it’s hard to keep them motivated. Reminding them of the simple pleasure of jumping and playing will not only reinforcement the positive behavior but remind us all that kids need to get moving!

With todays technology right at their fingertips our teens are losing the social interaction and the ability to problem solve in a group environment. Imagine them having to work together to complete an obstacle course! Our children would be learning communication and teamwork while having fun at the same time.

Dry slides and bounce houses would be great idea for after prom! It would encourage our teens to come to safe place but still have a blast with their friends. Add one of our combo bouncers and you got a party that could last all night.

Dunk tanks are a wonderful fund raising idea. Need to raise money for new band equipment? Set up one of our dunk tanks and let the students get even for all that homework! This would also be a great addition at school sporting events to get parents involved as well.

Encourage kids to participate in the fall and spring carnivals but adding a cotton candy machine to the mix. All kids love the nostalgic flavor and its one more reason to get involved with their school.

Big Lous Bouncies cares about children and their education. Our children are the future! Let us help your school bring exciting incentives to the students, contact us today!

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