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Bounce House Rental


Bounce House RentalBounce House Rental Near Tampa, FL

  Florida is one of the best states to live in, as the weather permits outdoor activities year round.  If you are planning a party, most likely the space in your backyard is larger than your space indoors. When planning an event there is always the concern of how to keep the children occupied. Why not get a Bounce house rental?
There are multiple benefits to renting a unit from Big Lou’s Bouncies.  We are a full service Bounce House Rental Company, which means we handle all the dirty work while you enjoy your guests and family. We ensure each Inflatable is clean, inspected for damages and sanitized before each rental.  We also carry proper Liability insurance to protect against any negligence of our set up and delivery of the Bounce House or Water Slide Rental. Renting a Bounce House is simple; you can reserve online or over the phone.  We strive to make reserving your party or event as seamless as possible.

How to make a reservation?

  It’s simple; give us a call and make your reservation over the phone or take advantage of our online booking system anytime day or night. We collect your information such as name, phone number, address of the party and we can get specifics such as gates codes, special instructions for the set up; we can even call 30 minutes prior to arrival.  We collect a deposit of 15% that is deducted from the total price. We collect a reservation deposit for several reasons. By placing a deposit, it guarantees your specific unit you selected for the day you selected. It also serves as a security deposit in the event of damage to the inflatable. We know it can be stressful planning and organizing a party, so we try and make it as painless as possible for you the day of your event by gathering all of this info upfront.  Once your Reservation is made all you have to do is wait on our confirmation call. If you are located in Land O Lakes, check out our second location for Land O Lakes Bounce House Rentals.

(813) 404-6744

What happens the day of delivery?

  The day prior to your bounce house delivery date we will call you after 5:30pm to confirm your information such as address, phone number, start and end times. We call to confirm to ensure we are both on the same page. Once everything is confirmed we will give you your balance that is due. We will also have our delivery drivers call you 20-30 minutes prior to their arrival. We always give a 1-2 hour delivery window the day of your event.  It is not possible for us to deliver your bounce house rental at an exact time because we have a lot of customers and only so many trucks to deliver. So we give a window, but rest assured that we will arrive 1-5 hours prior to your party start time to set up and finish before your guests arrive. Once we arrive we knock on your door and greet you letting you know we have arrived. Our delivery driver will want to know the area where we will be setting up the equipment. Once you direct him, sit back and watch as we set up your unit in a quick, efficient and professional manner. We will always stake your unit properly and in some instances, more than what is required by state and insurance minimums. Our priority is safety. Once we set up, our delivery driver will go over the Rules and regualtions with you as well as show you how to operate the unit.  You will sign the liability waiver and we are off to the next delivery. Typically set up will take 30-45 minutes. Once we are finished we will go out the same way we came in and your children are free to enjoy the bounce house.

What happens after my party is over?

A full day is considered 6-8 hours. At the end of your event we will arrive to pick up the unit. Please ensure that everything has been removed from the bounce house such as toys, socks, shirts and anything left behind from the party. Please leave the equipment inflated for the duration of your party. If it rains, you want to leave the bounce house or water slide up so that it does not fill with water and we can remove it. If you let the inflatable down in the rain, it will fill with water and we will not be able to remove it and additional charges may apply. After your event, we may arrive at the party end time that is listed on your contract or it could be up to 5 hours after your event. If you are having your party at a park or clubhouse we will make you a priority pick up, we try to get out to pick up the equipment at the exact time listed on the contract. Once we are on site, we deflate Inflatable, fold it and roll it. We pull up all the stakes and remove the tarp that we have provided. Once rolled up our deliverymen will dolly it to the truck and come back for all the rest of the equipment we brought out. We will lock up gates and re-roll your hose if you rented a water slide the day of your event. It will appear as if we were never there in most cases.

After my bounce house rental what happens?

 You will receive a survey as well as a request for a Google review a few days after your Event. We ask for honesty as we are constantly trying to improve the experience for the customer.  We are always working towards better practices and an overall better experience for our clients. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.
Thank you,
Big Lou’s Bouncies